Busy is as busy does…

Gosh… I can’t even begin to tell everyone how busy I have become! This semester is CRAMMED with projects and all kinds of fun stuff but GOOD LORD I haven’t a drop of spare time!

tbss.jpgI recently completed a new redesign of the K-State “TechBytes” website… it can be found at www.ksu.edu/techbytes This redesign was to convey technology, yet still have an approachable clean feel. TechBytes is is an educational series showcasing many of the leading multimedia and information technology tools available for students/faculty/etc… on the K-State campus. I have been involved with this series for over 2 years, and definitely believe it is one of the hidden gems here at K-State. All of the sessions are broadcast streaming via windows media player over the web, and are archived for future viewing. If you’re interested in technology, definitely check this program out!

ktvss.jpgI also did some web-work for our campus tv station: K-State TV. They needed a “quick & dirty” site design up in a VERY short time. This was my first foray into incorporating Javascript into a website. Only recently had I discovered CSS, and now Javascript… So exciting! I ran into a few complications, but got them ironed out. This site is DEFINITELY still under construction as it is more of a placeholder for now than anything else… I have also turned over maintenance to the multimedia pros at the TV station. For the time being they will be using my design, but I still thought I should post a link: www.k-state.tv

img_0137.jpgMyself and the guys over @ RSB Productions are finishing up the final touches on the 4 olives wine bar commercial. The commercial was shot in all high-definition, has original composed music, as well as some fantastic voice over work by a friend, Mrs. Sarah Nightingale. This commercial will be the first element of a multi-medium ad campaign. Hopefully we can throw in some more fun video work, maybe some viral videos, or short mini-doc on the history/mission of 4 olives… We’ll see. For those of you who may not know, I also did a majority of the design work, and all of the photography for the 4 olives web site (I also maintain & post on their blog). Website: www.4olives.biz Blog: 4olives.blogspot.com (sorry wordpress!)

Within the next week I will also begin packaging my pitch for a show to be produced and run on K-State TV. The show will be tech-centric, but will rely heavily upon user/audience input via YouTube & the web. Should be exciting!

I am also participating in an on-campus radio show entitled, “Dead Air”. The season premiere will air on Sunday, September 9, 2007 @ 5:00pm-6:00pm. If you’re in the Manhattan, KS area, tune in on KSDB 91.9, or visit the website to listen online @ www.wildcat919.com

Some other websites that I have worked on in the past can be visited via the following links:

  • The Canvas Music – This site was designed for a friend’s band, and is still under construction. More to come
  • Personal Portfolio – Originally this was created as a class project, as a way to showcase my multimedia portfolio… One of those things I’d REALLY like to get updated…
  • NCAS – An endeavor for Moonsuit Media. My partner Tray did a majority of the design/flash work, but I still helped out with the site overall

Other than that, my convergence reporting class will be covering the state fair taking place over the next week, so tune back in soon to see video, multimedia, and print elements from the fair concerning food safety!


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