Into the new week…

It just does not stop!

For those of you wondering… my last post was generated solely to help enhance a webcast presentation I gave last week. I had to give a 45 minute presentation concerning using YouTube & Flickr to share photo & video via the web. This was sponsored by K-State’s “TechBytes Series” (if you remember, this is one of the websites I helped design). The presentation is now archived on the TechBytes Site under Current Series… so if you feel like watching my THRILLING presentation on uploading & sharing photo and video… feel free to head over…

Immediately following my presentation (quite literally 5 minutes later)… I was in the car heading out to Ft. Riley, to cover the soldiers’ CLS (Combat Lifesaver) training. This was also my first trip out to Ft. Riley… EVER. I’ve been here at K-State for almost 6 years now, and NEVER have I gone out to Ft. Riley. It was definitely an interesting experience. Unfortunately for us, by the time we arrived, they were just finishing up their day’s training. Due to having an extra “four tables” they were able to get through the training faster than previously thought. However, they were kind enough to “simulate” training for us to get our footage/story. My particular portion of the project will be to construct a multimedia element combining video, audio, and print; to be shown from the web. I’m thinking of doing an “inside look” at CLS, but utilizing video clips in a flash navigation based web element. Should be a good challenge for me!

Over the weekend, Mark & I did quite a bit of shooting. This past Friday & Saturday, Aggieville changed from its normal bar district scene, into a full fledged music festival, “Aggiefest 2007”. So we of course got the idea to shoot a documentary! I mean, hey… why not? After running from bar to bar every 15minutes or so to grab different footage, taking a one hour dinner break, and getting some completely random “end of the night” footage (you wouldn’t believe what some people do when they see a camera roving around)… we were 12 hours in… and tired. Over the next week or so, we will begin shooting our interviews… Really try to grasp how aggiefest affects each level of the community… venue owners, festival coordinators, bands, and most importantly, audience members. The interviews will be slightly removed from the festival, but should still provide some good material.

Other than that… I await my nice large rebate from Sprint, so I can upgrade my cell phone & plan to something far more robust than what I have now… But for the time being… I just play the waiting game…


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