Let the good times roll…

Quick post…I’ve completed several more projects, and thought they would be worthy of posting!

Click here to check out a quick Flash/Video Project I completed for class… This project challenged me in the respect that I am not used to exporting video for flash. I was blown away by how quickly it loads! Not to mention this also wrapped up my first adventure out to Ft. Riley… I took less of a News Angle for this project, and wanted to “treat” it with more of an entertainment feel… It didn’t turn out EXACTLY how I wanted, but it did expand my aptitude for Flash & Flash Video…

The Aggiefest documentary is moving along quite nicely… We’ve got a TON of excellent footage of some really good music… We plan to start in on heavy interviewing/editing this weekend… The Production schedule for this project is being bounced around because of all the other projects we have going on right now… but hopefully we can get things rolling fairly quickly…

We’ve begun work on the JMC Recruiting Video! For those of you who may not know… Mark & I are producing a recruitment video for the school of Journalism & Mass Communications here @ K-State… We’ve begun interviewing candidates and have HIGH HIGH hopes for the outcome of this video… One interview wound up lasting almost 4 hours! (Due mostly to scheduling conflicts, but still… we got a LOT of solid B-Roll out of it!)

Finally, the 4 Olives Commercial is complete, and will begin airing this weekend! Scott has purchased spots on almost all of the large cable networks during their morning shows… (In a local commercial block of course) So If you happen to be tuning in to Good Morning America, or the Today Show keep an eye out for the 4 olives commercial!

We have also uploaded a compressed version to YouTube, so feel free to check it out below!


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